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Public Notice – Issued Sunday 22nd of March 2020.

In light of recent events our fragrance house – Jorum Laboratories has produced and distributed hydroalcoholic hand sanitisers in the local (Edinburgh) area.

This sanitising aid has been produced and distributed for free – these should not be resold.

This ethanol-based solution is a simple yet effective aid to help prevent against the spread of the current COVID-19 coronavirus.

The most effective solution currently is regular and vigorous washing of hands using soap and running water (continuously for over 20 seconds).

If you do not have access to soap and water, an alcohol based hand sanitiser is an effective solution.

An effective alcohol based sanitiser must contain over 70% ethanol to be an effective aid against the COVID-19 contagion. The batch we have produced and distributed locally (Batch code JLHHS03201) contains over 80% denatured alcohol.

Jorum Laboratories Hand Sanitiser

The contents of the hydroalcoholic hand sanitiser that we have produced and distributed contain the following materials;


For external use only
Patch test before active and prolonged usage
Avoid broken or already aggravated skin
Discontinue use if sensitisation occurs
Regular moisturising of hands is advisable
Keep away from children
Avoid contact with eyes
FLAMMABLE: Keep away from flames, heat and sources of ignition
Store in a cool place
Keep product out of direct sunlight

Please adhere to government and agency directions

If you find any of our hand sanitiser for sale – do not purchase. Our batch of this product has been distributed free of charge.

This product is a topical non-sterile solution and should be used in conjunction with regular hand washing practices and only when soap and water is not immediately accessible.

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