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Wood scents to inspire creativity, innovation and drive 

February 10th 2024 marks the Lunar New Year, and the beginning of the Year of the Wood Dragon. Representing creativity, big dreams, innovation and vitality, this Zodiac Year's influence feels like an uplifting, positive driving force. To celebrate Lunar New Year, here are 3 perfumes that embody the energy of the Wood Dragon.

Spiritcask Extrait de Parfum

An exploration of wood as a material that absorbs and transforms other aromatics into something truly magical. Oakwood lies at the heart of Spiritcask, while pear and chamomile float dreamily above caramel, coffee, guaiacwood, bourbon vanilla... A truly transformative gourmand wood perfume.

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Arborist Eau de Parfum

The spirit of the forest resides in the canopy, looming over unwary wanderers. Arborist is an imagined day-in-the-life of a forest-keeper: Douglas Fir, Spruce, Saffron, Osmanthus and Labdanum make for an uplifting, warming Scottish wood scent that transports you to the depths of an ancient forest. 

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Medullary-Ray Eau de Parfum

A celebration of woodcraft, Medullary-Ray scatters dry heartwood shavings in a balmy Mediterranean breeze. Olive, fig leaf, orris and pomegranate make for a lazy, hazy and creative sandalwood scent perfect for whiling away dreamy afternoons in the sunshine.

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Bottle of Arborist fragrance leaning on a mossy tree branch with forest fruits and flora

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