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Craft Excellence

At Jorum Studio we want to celebrate craft excellence. We actively collaborate and commission new artistic works in response to our own collections.


Jorum Craft Award

Further promoting craft excellence, Jorum Studio launched the Jorum Craft Award in 2020; bi-annual funding to assist with development of a maker’s creative practice, including but not limited to research and development of a new piece of work, project or collection.

Each Craft Award is centred around a theme, exploring the intersection between technical skill and material innovation.

The Jorum Craft Award is funded by Jorum Studio, in association with Craft Scotland.


Jorum Studio x Adam Foy and Craig McIntosh

To celebrate the launch of the 2021 collection, Scottish Odyssey, Jorum Studio commissioned Scottish photographers Adam Foy and Craig McIntosh to create two distinctive photo-series which encapsulate the folklore and modernity of Scotland. 

Adam Foy is an illustrator and photographer and a long-running Jorum Studio collaborator, lending his pen to create emotive hand-drawings that capture the intensity and joviality of the Jorum Studio fragrances.


Jorum Studio x Daniel Brophy

Jorum Studio commissioned Edinburgh-based master craftsman Daniel Brophy to create a commemorative bust inspired by Jorum Studio’s Fantosmia Eau de Parfum.


Jorum Studio x Juli Bolaños-Durman

Wild Flowers is a collaboration between Jorum Studio and Scotland-based, Costa Rica-born artist, Juli Bolaños-Durman. The collection brings sculpture and scent together in a project that explores the potential of disused glass.


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