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A visual journey through the world of Firewater Extrait de Parfum

red-toned image of four people lying on the ground by Michal Pudelka
image of large flame on barren landscape and plume of smoke
Photograph of seaside with red circle burned into the film
ancient hut in Scottish highlands with mossy roof
model in orange eyeshadow and gold plisse top with high neck
Atrium of the Tate Modern: a bright orange sphere casting light on onlookers
abstract close up image of an eye in bright orange, red and black by Otto piene
orange rock pools with rushing water
Illustration of cartoon matches tied together by Jee-ook Choi
lumen print in orange of small branch
Firewater Extrait de Parfum is a warm, smoky citrus perfume reminiscent of late-night beach bonfires. Notes of grapefruit, orange, birch wood, lapsang souchong black tea, juniper and nettle produce a powerful fiery opening. As the embers die down, ginger, sugar kelp, vetiver, labdanum and peat settle into something truly comforting. Firewater is part of the Scottish Odyssey collection, inspired by Scottish culture, landscape and folklore.
Image credits:
1. Michal Pudelka
2. Neil Krug
3. Warren Neidich
4. Unknown
5. Zhong Lin
6. The Weather Project, Tate Modern by Olafur Eliasson
7. Otto Piene
8. Adam Foy
9. Jee-ook Choi
10. Lomography

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