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Arborist Eau de Parfum

from the Progressive Botany Vol. I Collection



Quince, Honey, Saffron, Osmanthus Absolute, Magnolia, Burdock


Papyrus, Mugwort, Rose Absolute, Tuberose, Myrrh Absolute, Spruce Resin, Douglas Fir, Labdanum, Jatamansi, Malt, Lichen
Arborist Eau de Parfum from Jorum Studio

Setting the Scene: Walking with the Green Man

The Arborist wanders through dense Caledonian woodland, rich and peaty. He talks to the trees, and they whisper back their deepest secrets, sweetened with raw flowers.

After a hard day's work, knee-deep in ferns beneath the canopy, he can reap the rewards of wilderness: gnarled underwood turning to surprising forest fruits distilled with honey-tapped, malted elixirs.

Proof that the best things gain warmth with time and wear, and that rebirth is only a brisk walk away.


How it Wears

Boozy, spirited opening: malted, whisky-like. Warms into something much more aggressively raw – leather, gardening gloves, roots and mulched bark. Think of the root systems of trees: dank earth, forest floor.

In our opinion, a slow developing fragrance with a persistent projection.


Material Focus

Arborist presents two distinct and complimentary sensations: A short-lived but totally entrancing boozy flash that resolves into a dank, resinous and rooty characterful development. The story of Davana and Cyperus oils. 

Davana oil (artemisia pallens) plays a crucial role in the spirited opening of Arborist. Davana is a herb traditionally grown in the same region of Southern India where Sandalwood is grown, and the combination of both noble oils is simply magical. Davana oil presents a herbaceous, shrubby opening, typical of the artemisia family however Davana oil also displays much richer body notes of stewed fruit and a liqueur-like richness as it develops.

With a distinctive herbaceous accent note sitting alongside a sweet-fruit and floral medley, Davana can be the perfect bedfellow in many an innovative formulae and is perfect for adding naturalness and realism to fruity sensations. 

Cyperus oil (cyperus scariosus), also a native plant of India, is a key material in Arborist. Cyperus oil possesses a wonderful dry-spicy character with a soft, resinous, Virginian Cedarwood, Frankincense and Cinnamon profile. A distinct Vetiver-like body note is also notable, and a useful observation and the extraction process and time is very similar to Vetiver. 

Cyperus oil is deceptively versatile. In Arborist, we have pushed the Cyperus content to the hilt and in doing so, present this beautiful material as a glowing centrepiece, allowing each of the facets to sparkle as Arborist develops. When ‘pushed’, Cyperus oil tends to display more of its soft-woody notes, imparting a characteristic whisky aroma throughout the perfumes wear. 

These complimentary aromatic profiles produce an alluring contradiction and make for a highly original perfume in Arborist - enjoy! 

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