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Fantosmia Eau de Parfum

from the Selective Memory Collection


Black Pepper, Annatto, Cardamom, Pimento, Fennel, Sisho Leaf.


Mate, Cascarilla, Nutmeg, Aetoxylon, Castoreum*, Saffron, Tobacco

*of synthetic origin.


Sculptural, Diffusive, Ink-stained, Granular, Cold-touch, Mercurial, Blurred, Obsidian.

Fantosmia Eau de Parfum from Jorum Studio


Setting the Scene: Chasing A Phantom Aroma

Now you see it, now you don’t. 

Ever the trickster, Fantosmia haunts the edges between light and shadow, between known and unknown. With a clever sleight of hand, your senses are clouded one by one – disorientating, spellbinding…

Pick a card, any card – cold, bright spices, savoury herbal notes, minerals and leather – no matter which, because whatever you choose will be whisked away in an instant, replaced with another. In a phantom game of hide and seek, how will you play?


How It Wears

Fantosmia is a bold and intriguing perfume gives an overall impression of both obsidian solidity and neon translucence. A cold-spiced opening with a piquant purée of arresting sweet-sour-savoury qualities. Smudges and warms quickly as saffron-infused leather, tobacco and heart-woods come to the fore. And then back again. Ever-changing, hard to pin down with a projection likely to turn heads.


Material Focus

One of the key materials used in Fantosmia is the ubiquitous black pepper oil (Piper nigrum). The essential oil is worlds apart from the widely-known flavour of the ground, dried fruit we use to season food: arrestingly fresh-spicy, terpenic and aromatic with flashes of citrusy tones.

Being a very ‘flexible’ material, black pepper oil allows us to bend it to our will, using little amounts to accent other materials without being distinguishable. Alternatively, we can use larger quantities to create bracing fresh woods or incense profiles, or blend with countless other materials to create new and interesting opening impressions and alluring fades (such as Fantosmia's smoky elements) as the perfume develops over time.

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