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Nectary Eau de Parfum

from the Progressive Botany Vol. I Collection




Bramble, Cranberry, Peach, Rose Absolute


Oud, Ambergris*, Roseroot, Olibanum, Selfheal, Castoreum*, Civet*, Labdanum Absolute, Musk*

*of synthetic origin.

Nectary Eau de Parfum from Jorum Studio


Setting the scene: the Garden of Dangerous Delights

From the depths of her garden, a temptress calls...

Tender yet brazen, Nectary holds bruised peaches in her bramble-stained hands, dripping with damp, earthy succulence. Wrapped in musky furs, she guards her oud, cool mineral and ambergris treasure with a thorny bite of rose. Where danger lurks, so does delight: natural, unfiltered, abundant.


How it wears

An overarching sensation of a very realistic rose, imitating the scent of the entire plant from petals to roots. A bright, dewy opening with peach, cranberry and bramble.

Frankincense/olibanum and labdanum ground the fragrance while ambergris provides a slight mineral quality. Oud and castoreum give warmth and depth when on the skin.


Material Focus

The enduring nature of the rose note in Nectary is helped by a manufactured material that goes by several names – for ease, we will refer to it as rose acetate

Manufactured materials can be unremarkable when smelling in isolation – not so with rose acetate. It imparts a characteristic ‘rose in nature’ quality, like smelling a garden bloom on a cold morning. The aroma is faint but distinctly rosaceous, with a gentle green note more typical of certain geranium oils. 

In Nectary, rose acetate is used in bountiful quantities to strengthen and elongate the rose note. A little trick: when used this way, it imparts a contemporary, softly mineral quality – like a creamy, chalky-white wall being warmed by the sun. You would be forgiven for overlooking the quiet importance of this fantastic material in Nectary, but without it, the rose wilts and dies quickly…

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