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We're thrilled to present SPIRITCASK, the sixth addition to our Scottish Odyssey fragrance collection.

‘Held in the customs house, the wistful spiritmaker plunges their head into the last empty barrel, where cooper-fired sweet nothings whisper and swirl.’ 

Place reference: Queen's Dock, Glasgow


New Make, Ylang-Ylang, Pear, Chamomile, Malt, Cognac, Jasmine, Rum Absolute.


Leather, Cocoa, Maple, Cedarwood, Whisky Lactone, Caramel, Labdanum, Guaiacwood, Coffee, Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, Oakwood Extract.

Instead of focusing purely on the finished dram, SPIRITCASK explores the whisky making process as a whole with a focus on the oak casks used to store the legendary spirit – capturing the very process by which sympathetic aromatics (what was in the oaken cask before? Sherry? Wine? Rum?) leach from cooper-fired vessels into whistle-clean new-make while ageing into something sweet, dark, rich and woody. 

The Extrait de Parfum boasts a spirited opening – the rush of pear-like new-make with dried fruit and velvety floral  elements – deepening into multifaceted woods and leather with a rich, caramel-coffee-vanilla sweetness. A gratifyingly realistic oak-cask note is present throughout.

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