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2021 so far has been a tumultuous year to say the least, as we try and navigate out of the Pandemic and into a “new normal” – whatever that means. During these times of change, we have continued our dedication to craft excellence with the second round of the Jorum Craft Award, a micro-funding initiative launched in 2020 supported by Craft Scotland.

We are always astounded by the level of skill and talent as well as unique points of view that are displayed in the Award applications, and just like the first Jorum Craft Award round, it was incredibly hard to pick a recipient!

After much consideration we are thrilled to contribute £500 to the work and development of Isla Cruickshank, &ILC.

“Isla’s dedication to process and quality materials really resonated with us. The way she approaches her craft and how she communicates has such synergy with the Jorum ethos.” notes Euan McCall, perfumer and founder of Jorum Studio, continuing with “Being able to produce incredibly beautiful jewellery but also inform and educate her audience on the creative – and practical – choices she makes is refreshing to see.”

Isla Cruickshanks Jorum Craft Award winner

Isla plans to use the micro-fund Jorum Craft Award to explore and develop ideas to transfer her jewellery making techniques, which involves using eggshell inlay and natural dying, to create homeware and accessories on a larger scale.

A graduate from renowned Glasgow School of Art, Isla combines her trained knowledge with intuitive culinary experience as a freelance cook to explore a “closed loop” process; finding the connection between food and creative materials to produce pieces that go beyond mere consumption.

We’re very excited to see what is in store for this talented and astute designer.


Interesting in applying for the Jorum Craft Award? Sign up to the Craft Scotland newsletter for more information on the next round of funding.

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