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We’re thrilled to announce the recipient of the third Jorum Craft Award: furniture maker Jack Sheahan.

Specialising in traditional woodworking techniques, inspired by Japanese philosophies of making and Scandinavian aesthetics, Jack’s designs are heavily influenced by his technical process and he strives to maintain the signature of his hand tool work in every piece he creates.

Credit: Jack Sheahan

Jack will use the Craft Award to develop a new furniture piece, his Windsor Chair, intended to be the masthead of his practice and a true showcase of the relationship between maker and material and requiring specific knowledge and tools not found in other disciplines. Very few makers are keeping windsor chair making alive.

I’m incredibly pleased and humbled to hear the Jorum Craft Award appreciated the potential of my pitch. I’m excited to start work after sitting with the idea for so long. I appreciate the opportunity the award will give me.


Credit: Jack Sheahan
Credit: Jack Sheahan

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