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We're thrilled to announce the public launch of our collaborative perfumery project: Psychoterratica.

We hope this project brings us all a little closer to appreciating the earth and through collaboration and the joy of perfumery.


Here’s how it will work

Customers buying the current Psychoterratica perfumes will be invited to participate in the development of new Psychoterratica launches. Of course, there is no obligation or expectation to do so, as the purchase of Psychoterratica is not the purchase of an invite for inclusion in development – please enjoy your Psychoterratica perfume as you would with any regular purchase.

We aim to launch new Psychoterratica annually, the number of perfumes launching depends on the development and its viability.

The information shared with us throughout the development of Psychoterratica will be used exclusively for the further development of this project and not any other Jorum development.

We hope to make this a long term, sustainable and fun project for everyone. The batches and availability of new launches will be kept low, so the project maintains its integrity and exclusivity. We believe the uniqueness of this kind of project is when it is kept small and intimate.

We have made 30 x 15ml of each of the three Psychoterratica available.

Want to join? Simply purchase any one of the current Psychoterratica perfumes and we will invite you to join us in the development of the next Psychoterratica.

We hope you can join us on this ambitious and explorative journey! 


What’s involved?

We will take the current Psychoterrtica perfumes and use these as a starting point for new development, just as we did throughout 2019 to get to this point.

New developments may take direction from each of the current perfumes in a singular manner, producing three new preliminary formulations as starting points or conversation starters.

You can give as much or as little feedback as you like. We’re not looking for a professional evaluation - this project is not a test! No idea or suggestion is invalid – there are no rules when it comes to your feedback. We encourage that the approach is more instinctual; we want responsive thoughts over analytical assessment.

Once feedback has been gathered, Jorum will develop a preliminary formulation informed by the current Psychoterratica perfumes and your thoughts on them.

We will send a sample of the theme in development to you for input. If it is relevant, we may send you a sample of key raw material too, so you get where we are coming from and where we may go next.

Jorum will then set about developing further, sending out any additional modifications - we will share these with you and ask for additional input, as before.

We do not envision that there will be a huge number of modifications shared – anywhere from two to four modifications.

When we have a consensus, the formulation(s) will enter final safety assessment before we get started on batching in the final fragrance ready for launch.

The Psychoterratica project is a playful and collaborative experiment with the aim being to create something new, collaboratively and collectively.



It is our hope that we receive a wide and varied set of feedback and opinions from you – our customers. This will shape the development.

As our customer base is dispersed globally, it is diverse and culturally rich, with each of you presenting individual opinions informed by your unique experiences. The subsequent finished perfume will reflect all of you, and we think it’s going to be unique and brilliant!

Currently, we require the purchase of a Psychoterratica perfume(s) to enable the next step of the journey. The funds received will support the effort.

We intend to produce three new formulations using each of the current Psychoterratica perfumes as a platform for development and discovery. For example if you purchase Psychoterratica I – we will invite you to join us in the new development off-shooting from Psychoterratica I.

With that said, depending on the number of people who take us up on our invitation or if the new launch feels like it should be one or two new formulas and not three – we will change course. If development moves towards a single formulation, this will be informed by the input from each Psychoterratica contributor (purchasers of the current I, II, III perfumes). Currently we are in unknown territory until we get to the next step - and that’s half the fun!

We require enough contributors to make the project viable. If numbers are low we may need to group the resources and focus on a smaller number of formulations. We will keep everyone updated.

What we don't expect...

We don’t expect anyone to be a trained fragrance evaluator – a basic vocabulary and an open mind is all that is required. Our thinking here is: let’s make something new and unique, together, collectively!

We are excited to progress with this journey and see where it takes us…

Because we’re keeping the production small, the R&D budget will be smaller than what we would invest in our other fragrance launches, which have a higher production run and are intended for a wider audience.

What you can be sure of is, nothing leaves our hands at Jorum unless we are happy with the results. The end result must possess inherent quality, craft, and safety and must be novel – a new formula (no duplication or GC-MS and copying of something already existing!).

The inherent quality of any new collaborative launch will be as high as the current Psychoterratica perfumes.



We aim to start our initial research for new Psychoterratica around August 2020, so any feedback should be submitted by then. A lot depends on the speed of sales of the current trio – we don’t want to start development too early so people miss out, but also don’t want to keep you waiting too long.

We will assess the timeline as the project develops. Depending on the number of you that register interest, we may bring the schedule forward, or delay a little to accommodate some of you that sign up later.

Between purchasing the current Psychoterratica and the start of new developments, we will reach out and ask for your impressions of the Psychoterratica(s) you have purchased to help inform the preliminary formulation. You can expect to receive your first modification a month or so from our official development start date.

Once you receive the initial modification, we will give you a couple of weeks to live with the sample and let us know your thoughts. We will collate this and ask some direct questions if needed. Using this feedback, we will develop further.

There will be at least two development samples sent to you after the preliminary theme.

Samples will be provided in volumes of between 1ml and 2ml. The samples will be provided in-line with current safety legislation.

All going well, we should have finalised formula ready for the end of the year. From this point we will do all the boring administrative stuff and get the final formula into production, updating you with the development throughout too.

In a perfect world we will have a new, collaborative Psychoterratica launching into the world by early summer 2021 – it sounds like a long way off but time really does fly when it comes to development.

Depending on the availability of raw materials – any purchaser of Psychoterratica can request a made to order bottle of any Psychoterratica perfume from the same launch. These will be larger sizes (30ml) with prices TBC. Once Psychoterratica perfumes are gone from public sale, it is very unlikely they will return but we don’t want any of you to buy the current (or future) Psychoterratica, love it and not be able to purchase it again – especially if you were involved in the process.


Additional info

Each Psychoterratica perfume will use both natural and synthetic materials. In addition, we will use a choice of natural materials from our personal Private Reserve, each from specific harvests, selected for their uniqueness.

Our plan is to launch new Psychoterratica each year, with Psychoterratica purchasers aiding their development. We will launch at least one new Psychoterratica as a direct result of your contribution from the 2019 and 2020 Psychotteratica I, II, III ‘seeds’.

In addition, your name (or moniker if you prefer) will be added as a credit on any new launch packaging too.

This is not a commercial venture. We don’t envision the Psychoterratica project to make us much, if any, profit, and might even make a loss. Between development, shipping and production we see this project as an investment in creative discussion rather than commercial success.


Terms and conditions
Upon delivery and acceptance of a purchased Psychoterratica perfume (I, II, III) order by you, the contract between Jorum and you, the purchaser is satisfied.
We will invite you, at your discretion, to willingly join in the development discussions of a new, future launch. This invitation falls outside of the original contract (the purchase, supply and acceptance of the Order). By accepting our invitation, you agree that there is no contractual obligation between Jorum and the purchaser of any Psychoterratica perfume.
There will be no rights in any of the works created by Jorum – we will maintain any and all ownership of the resulting works including but not limited to any Intellectual Property including Trade Secrets in the works and can at our sole discretion use these as we see fit. As such, we will not share or make public any formulation(s).
You will not be compensated financially from accepting our invitation.
We want you to be proud of the end result and be happy to say you had a hand in the forming of the final fragrance(s) but there will be no claim of ownership by any contributor in any of the works created nor will there be any basis for financial compensation.

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