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Scottish legend is filled with stories of beguiling power and wild beauty tied inextricably to the land, and travelling along its undulating roads or wandering freely through its hills and valleys is a sensory odyssey in itself. A saline-saturated sea breeze. Burning peat, earthy and unmistakable. Stained hands and sweetness after bramble picking in late summer.

Photograph by Adam Foy


It’s no wonder that for centuries Scottish people have learned to work hand-in-hand with the landscape to craft some of the world’s finest luxury materials and products. Wool, cashmere, whisky – nowhere on Earth will you find better than ours.


But what makes Scottish luxury truly Scottish?


There is luxury in the land itself, found by those who know where to look. It’s the kind of luxury that’s covered in fingerprints – traces of the soil, the water, the weather and human hands that carefully tend and shape. It’s not ostentatious, or pretentious. Instead, it’s quietly confident; laced with irreverence and mischief. Rebellious by nature. In essence, experimental, and filled with a special kind of tension that emerges from pushing boundaries.

Photograph by Craig McIntosh


It’s this tension that we strive to capture within our fragrances. They are, inarguably, luxurious – however they also present something atypical, innovative and eclectic. With every project, we fray the edges of the status quo and weave it into our own design, inspired by what it means to be Scottish today. That’s what it takes to build a new, world-class perfume making industry in Scotland – and to redefine what Scottish luxury really means.

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