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A visual journey through the world of Spiritcask Extrait de Parfum

Painting titled River Banks by Edgar Degas featuring blurred landscape in greens and browns

Kinetic painting by Jackson Pollock named "Number 5" with splashes of black, white, grey and chartreuseIllustration of wizard with staff whose upper body is turning into magical blue light

Old photograph of beatnik man wearing beret and sunglasses with white aran knitted jumper

Abstract image of whisky dram in brown, yellow and green tones. Image by Jorum Studio.

Old photograph of ships at Queen's Dock Glasgow

Image of pigment painting Pop Flower by Mary Judge featuring scalloped concentric circles in grey, green, mustard, brown

old photograph of French seafarer onboard ship

black and white photograph of stacked whisky casks by Craig McIntosh

Old photograph of French seafarers rolling barrels onto ship

biblically accurate angel

1960s wool rug with sunburst pattern in brown, chartreuse and orange

Spiritcask Extrait de Parfum is a unique take on a gourmand whisky fragrance that follows the story of the cask itself. An airy, pear-like new make accord floats above rich, complex cocoa, caramel, bourbon vanilla and coffee notes – while hyperrealistic oakwood is infused with the ghostly remnants of rum, cognac and whisky lactone. Spiritcask is part of the Scottish Odyssey perfume collection, inspired by Scottish landscape, culture and folklore.




Image credits
1. Edgar Degas
2. Number 5, 1950 by Jackson Pollock
3. Unknown
4. Unknown

5. Jorum Studio
7. Pop Flower O by Mary Judge 
8. Mister Crew
9. Craig McIntosh
10. Mister Crew
11. Unknown
. 1960s wool rug, Unknown

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