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As part of Pyrus’ truly magical exhibition – Symbiont – at Leith’s Custom Lane, Euan was invited to spend an evening chatting about his approach to perfumery and his strong affiliation with words and storytelling within his creative process.

In addition to chatting with the enchanting Jennifer Williams, Euan had the pleasure of showing attendees the entire Progressive Botany Vol. I collection and revealing the creative process that applied for each, as well as giving some insight into being an independent perfumer, working historically for other clients, as well as putting himself as the client for Jorum Studio.

Not only that, our friend Alex Musgrave – a writer with a passion for poetry – accompanied each perfume with a poem, curated from his personal library, giving a new and different perspective to each scents’ story.

The Symbiont exhibition runs from 18 to 31 July, Pyrus have created stunning site-specific botanical installations in response to the transitional relationship with their Victorian walled garden, located just outside of Edinburgh.

The exhibition also showcases a collaborative project with Scottish ceramicist Cara Guthrie as well as events with other creatives and collaborators focusing on plants, botanicals and bees.

There’s one event left on the programme that you can buy tickets to on their Eventbrite page – be sure to nab yourself a place to learn something new in truly dreamlike surroundings.

Pyrus x Jorum Studio New Scottish Botany

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