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For those days when feeling fresh is key: Our 3 Best Clean Scents

Of all scent profiles, few have quite the appeal of a fresh and clean everyday fragrance. This profile can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, as it is in our collection of unique luxury fragrances: clean floral, clean woody, clean citrus... But they all share the characteristic of being invigorating, uplifting and extremely wearable niche perfumes.


Discover our 3 bestselling clean perfumes:

Paradisi Extrait de Parfum

For that just-out-of-the-shower freshness. If the shower was in the middle of a green, humid rainforest. And it was scented with grapefruits. Earthy, punchy, zingy. As written about in HIGHSNOBIETY.



Paradisi Extrait de Parfum by Jorum Studio

Trimerous Eau de Parfum

It's our bestselling clean floral perfume for a reason. A perfectly balanced, intimate and soft orris fragrance with a subtle vanilla warmth, woody aromatics, zingy pink pepper and a clean linen scent.



Trimerous Perfume pictures with purple Iris flowers, peppercorns and mushrooms 

Elegy Extrait de Parfum 

Elegant, genderless fragrance: clean with an almost vintage feel. Think Swan Lake, baby powder, white florals, with a citrus glimmer and rich musky ambergris depth. Endlessly complex, an updated classic.


Jorum Studio Elegy Fresh Clean Cotton Perfume

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