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For when you want to enhance your natural allure (but still smell interesting)

The idea of a 'skin scent' is a fairly recent phenomenon in perfumery – its rise is due in part to the popularity of materials such as Iso E Super and its ability to create a soft, warm and subtly woody fragrance that enhances one's natural skin aroma.

At independent Scottish perfumers Jorum Studio, those looking for a skin scent will find perfumes with more presence and complexity than the average skin scent. These unique luxury fragrances boast a bounty of unusual notes and layers, however they all evoke the sensation of warmed skin – albeit in very different ways!

Discover our three most unusual skin scents: 

Phloem Eau de Parfum

Phloem is salty lipstick-smacked skin after a long day at the beach. Spicy, erogenous, sweet-tart – a sweet skin scent with a difference.

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hand with pointed metal claw ring holding Jorum Studio Phloem perfume bottle and flowers photograph by Craig McIntosh

Spiritcask Extrait de Parfum

Spiritcask might not strike you as a skin scent, however notes of vanilla, cocoa, coffee, malt and yang-ylang make for a velvety skin-like finish alongside a satisfyingly photorealistic oakwood note. A gourmand skin scent with a boozy side.

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Bottle of Jorum Studio Spiritcask with bright chartreuse label in front of dark background with whisky barrel lid


Medullary-Ray Eau de Parfum

Medullary-Ray gives a sharper, more savoury take on a skin scent, with notes of fig, olive and valerian working to enrich more resinous, woody notes of sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh. A woody skin scent with savoury aromatic notes.

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Sunlit bottle of Jorum Studio Medullary-Ray perfume with silhouettes of pomegranate

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