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When you think about the eye-watering marketing budgets of the mainstream brands and homogenised fragrance offerings from both mass-market and niche fragrances alike, it’s easy to forget this one simple notion. Perfumery is a craft.

And a craft in the true sense of the word. Creating a fragrance requires skill, knowledge and unrivalled dedication to the process and an intimate relationship between the perfumer and their materials articulated through a distinct hand.  This is at the core of Jorum Studio where our perfumer and co-founder Euan McCall employs his craftsmanship and unique creativity with every fragrance.

But being the only fragrance company of our kind in Scotland can be quite a lonely road, and one that at times can feel separate to other creative industries. This is a feeling not uncommon for other independent craftspeople.

Bridging the gap between perfumery and other craft industries is one of the cornerstones of Jorum Studio, and we always knew we wanted to not only collaborate with independent creatives but contribute to their creative development and discovery in some way.

So, after over a year in the making, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Jorum Craft Award: a micro-funding initiative in association with Craft Scotland to assist in the development of a maker’s creative practice, including but not limited to research and development of a new piece of work, project or collection.

Jorum Studio Jorum Craft Award

“We are all too aware that contemporary makers whom are entrepreneurially minded find traditional funding routes difficult to penetrate here in Scotland. We also know that even small financial contributions can make a difference - helping to bring a makers idea to life. Our outlook has always been ‘if you are in a position to help, no matter how small, then do so!”
-- Euan McCall, Perfumer and Founder of Jorum Studio

Over time, we hope the award initiative can develop and grow as Jorum Studio does, providing more funding and strengthened multidisciplinary relationships across Scotland and the rest of the world.

You can find out more about the award and apply via the Craft Scotland website. Applications will close on 5pm, Monday 10 August 2020.

Here’s to strengthening our creative culture, and distilling artistry, collaboratively!

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