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When we sat down to chat with Juli Bolaños-Durman back in early spring none of us knew where this exciting collaboration would take us.

Having first experienced Juli’s stunning work at the Edinburgh College of Art Degree show back in 2013, we always knew that at some point we were going to collaborate with this engaging and dynamic creative force. So, when it came time to embark on our first artistic collaboration for Jorum Studio, there was only one person we wanted to work with.

Juli Bolaños-Durman. Photography by Miriam Levi ©

Now, over 6 months on, we’re thrilled to showcase the Wild Flowers collection. A meadow of glass sculptures inspired by the Progressive Botany Vol. I perfume range.

Prompted by rich olfactory studies, a vivid layering of textures and the artist’s Latin American heritage, Juli’s creative exploration involved all of the five senses, which lead to the creation of not one but twenty-one works of art!

Each Wild Flower is brought to life by deconstructing discarded glass, reconfiguring elements through play and embellishing them with decadent layers of hand-cut details.

Wild Flowers by Juli Bolanos-Durman Sponsored by Jorum Studio

We give special thanks to the super-talented photographer Shannon Tofts whose expert eye showcases Juli’s pieces beautifully.

The ‘Wild Flowers’ project will debut at the exhibition ‘Re.Use, Re.Think, Re.Imagine’ at Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset, which opens on 18 October, 2019, until 1 January 2020.

13 High Street, Bruton. Photo: Emma Lewis via Hauser & Wirth

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