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Scenting Auld Reekie through the nose of a local

Discover three unique Scottish fragrances that capture the unique character of our beautiful city of Edinburgh (home to our one and only Jorum Studio boutique!)

Bottle of Jorum Studio Gorseland perfume with floral arrangement against blue background by Gabriela Silveira

Image of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh with gorse flowers in foreground 

Gorseland Extrait de Parfum

The place reference for Gorseland is Arthur's Seat, a gigantic extinct volcano overlooking Edinburgh where gorse flowers bloom en masse in late spring and summer. This sun-warmed gorse perfume perfectly captures balmy afternoons lazing amongst the wildflowers, turning to revelrous evenings spent gathered with friends, overlooking the city. 



Pineapple weed, Neroli oil, Chamomile, Gorseflower, Crab Apple, Lemon oil, Astilbe, Lavender Absolute.



Gooseberry, Milk-vetch, Elderflower, Catchfly, Woodruff, Gorsewood, Zdravetz, Kush.


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Bottle of Paradisi perfume by Jorum Studio sitting on a cut grapefruit with cucumber, mushroom and oranges

Edinburgh botanic gardens glasshouse giant lotus pond


Paradisi Extrait de Parfum

A favourite local haunt in Edinburgh is the Royal Botanic Garden. Enter the glasshouses and you'll get a lungful of the tropical, verdant humidity showcased in Paradisi. Even walking around the gardens after a warm summer shower, the air is scented with an earthy green floral perfume.



Grapefruit, Orange, Guava, Honeysuckle, Cucumber, Pink Pepper, Magnolia, Passionflower.



Tree Moss Absolute, Mushroom, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Soil.


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Jorum Studio Athenaeum perfume bottle with antique leather bound books

National Library of Scotland

Athenaeum Eau de Parfum

Inspired in part by a visit to Edinburgh's National Library of Scotland (as well as our perfumer Euan's childhood in Fife), Athenaeum feeds the mind as well as the senses, capturing the spirit of learning so deeply rooted in the city's history.


The locally sourced Scottish lavender in this subtle everyday woody perfume ensures a calming, pensive energy perfect for an afternoon spent rummaging through Edinburgh's many quirky bookshops – our favourites? Armchair Books in the Grassmarket, and Golden Hare (our neighbour on St Stephen Street!) 



Scottish Lavender, Beeswax*, Fennel, Apple, Honey.



Neroli oil, Hyacinth, Flouve, Patchouli, Morocco Leather*, Gurjun Balsam, Oak, Ink.

*of synthetic origin



Knurled, waxen, smudged, pulpy, sun-warmed, hazy.


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