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A visual journey through the world of Carduus Eau de Parfum.

Dutch style painting featuring two hands gesturing at a skull
Illustration of a red sword and abstract nature-inspired patterns in gold
Theodora Allen Plot, No.3, 2014
image of thistle like plant by Karl blossfeldt
Carduus Eau de Parfum is a defiant, unashamedly polarising and alchemical beauty of an herbal perfume. Tingling, dry herbs, seeds and barks jostle and meld with medicinal botanicals, aged woods and air veiled with smoke and incense. Carduus is part of the Progressive Botany Vol. I perfume collection, six complex fragrances that study and augment natural phenomena. 

Image credits: 
1. Alexander Killian
2. Detail of Vision of Saint Francis of Assisi by Jusepe de Ribera
3. Katie G. Whipple
4. Unknown
5.  Karl Blossfeldt
6. Unknown
7. William Morris tapestry
8. Theodora Allen
9. Karl Blossfeldt
10.  Fernand Léger

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