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 is a monthly glimpse behind the scenes at Jorum Studio. Find out what’s inspiring us, what’s motivating us, what we’re celebrating – the thoughts and stories behind our fragrances.

MARCH at Jorum Studio brought some much-needed sunny days in a still crisp and wintry Edinburgh.

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for Selective Memory and Scottish Odyssey sample sets – we've got good news...

6 bottles of perfume named Firewater, Gorseland, Healing Berry, Spiritcask, Pony Boy and Rose Highland



Introducing two new Sample Sets featuring our Selective Memory and Scottish Odyssey fragrance collections.

Selective Memory features three experimental Eau de Parfums with a nostalgic atmosphere: Fantosmia, Athenaeum and Pentimento.

Scottish Odyssey features six poetic Extrait de Parfums bursting with character and wit: HEALING BERRY, FIREWATER, SPIRITCASK, PONY BOY, GORSELAND and ROSE HIGHLAND.

Our Progressive Botany Vol. I Sample Set remains with a fresh new look.

Both new sample sets will be available very soon, so keep your eyes peeled – we hope you enjoy discovering them all.

three books on blue background


Cold Enough for Snow by Jessica Au
Beautifully detailed environmental observations glimmer throughout this mysterious little book set in Tokyo.

Bob Noorda Design by Molseskin
A wonderful catalogue of Dutch designer Bob Noorda's work, full of punchy, timeless graphic design. Inspiring! 

Ando by Masao Furuyama 
Tadao Ando is an enduring favourite architect of ours – beauty in simplicity, and appreciating raw materiality. 



lavender sprigs

As the seasons are changing fast here in Scotland, we've been fixating on transitioning springtime aromas. Spring brings with it a spectrum of natural aromatic shifts but for us, the material that represents the short-lived push from winter to spring has to be lavender absolute. 

Lavender absolute presents us with cool aromatics, subtle glimmers of verdant freshness and a suave floral sweetness at every turn.

It's a surprisingly versatile material that can be used with ease and freedom, however you may have to consider the IFRA guidelines for your supply in order to use freely! 

Unlike the steam distilled lavender essential oil, lavender absolute is creamy and tenacious with a really persistent musky tonality. Imagine a row of lavender basking in the sun, a hint of hay on the breeze, with a cologne freshness and deep grassy olive oil richness. The material will probably possess a deep green hue and varying degrees of viscosity depending on the batch. 

We use a big dose of lavender absolute supplemented with half as much lavender oil in Gorseland, providing a pollen-drenched, waxy opening and persistent herbaceous character that becomes cannabis-like as it wears. 


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