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JORUM JOURNAL is a monthly glimpse behind the scenes at independent perfumers Jorum Studio. Find out what’s inspiring us, what’s motivating us, what we’re celebrating – the thoughts and stories behind our unique fragrances.

NOVEMBER at Jorum Studio brought the first frosty mornings of the year, and one of our favourite annual sights: arrows of geese flying south in search of warmer climes. DECEMBER means heading full throttle into party season – so why not dazzle with a new signature party scent? Read on to discover how to find your perfect match.

That's all from Jorum Journal for 2023! Thank you all for reading our musings throughout the year. We hope you continue to enjoy this little behind-the-scenes slice of Jorum.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and here's to more olfactory adventuring...

Jorum Studio x

The Art of Party Fragrance

Whether you're the life of the party or a wonderful wallflower, find the perfect scent for memory-making this holiday season.

This party season, I want to feel...

Intoxicating! Pony Boy Extrait de Parfum

For those looking to entrance, Pony Boy is a siren song of fresh, tart rhubarb, creamy pink lotus and steamed cedarwood. 

Shop Pony Boy

Cosy! Pentimento Eau de Parfum

Pentimento's ability to warm your soul is unparalleled: papery hazelnut and earthy carob enriched by sweet rum absolute, tonka and tobacco flower.

Shop Pentimento

Elegant! Elegy Extrait de Parfum

If you want to feel like you've just stepped off a classic holiday film set, Elegy's vintage-with-a-modern-twist profile plays the part perfectly. 

Shop Elegy

Rugged! Arborist Eau de Parfum

Bring the outdoors in this season with Arborist, a Scottish forest in a bottle. Saffron, osmanthus and labdanum add warmth and luxury.

Shop Arborist

Edgy! Firewater Extrait de Parfum

Firewater opens with a cloud of lapsang souchong smoke – a daring choice for a get-together? Perhaps. Allow it to sit on the skin and draw people toward your bonfire-like, citrusy warmth.

Shop Firewater

Transcendent! Spiritcask Extrait de Parfum

Want to experience the ghosts of past, present and future all at once? Spiritcask is a temporal journey in itself, with fresh pear and mentholated new-make floating above darkest, richest coffee, caramel and oakwood whisky casks.

Shop Spiritcask


Jorum Studio Gift Guide 2023 featuring gifts arranged on a background of distorted green trees

The Jorum Studio Gift Guide

A sneaky peek at what the Jorum team are gifting (or wishing for!) this season. 

1. Through the Billboard Promised Land Without Ever Stopping by Derek Jarman
A short fictional work from the legendary artist, published in a (shiny!) edition alongside fascinating biographical and critical essays.

2. Trimerous Eau de Parfum by Jorum Studio
Gifting fragrance can be tricky, but Trimerous is our gifting go-to – it's our bestseller for a reason! Beautifully soft and warm orris with juniper, pink pepper and nectarine.

3. Orris in Perfumery NEZ + LMR the Naturals Notebook 
Learn all about orris with this beautifully designed book. Available as a free gift with any purchase of a full-size Jorum Studio perfume.

4. Rose in Perfumery NEZ + LMR the Naturals Notebook 
The fascinating story of rose as it's used in perfume. Available as a free gift with any purchase of a full-size Jorum Studio perfume.

5. Everything Is Alive by Slowdive
One of our most-played albums of the year. Even better on vinyl!

6. Rhubarb Cordial by Gimlet Bar
Makes for a delicious tipple. We love the gorse cordial in summer, too.

7. Elgin Cotton Sock by Kestin
Comfy and cosy. A little bit of Scottish-made luxury to keep those toes warm!

8. Rushlight Deluxe Candle by Jorum Studio
Quiet and contemplative with a distinct seventies edge, Rushlight is the coolest candle around this season – and the limited deluxe candle size makes for a very special gift.

9. 'Second Lives' beakers by Juli Bolanos-Durman 
Make like a perfumer with these stunning vessels made from salvaged scientific glass.

10. Rose Highland Extrait de Parfum by Jorum Studio 
The Scottish Highlands in a bottle – Glencoe, to be exact – Rose Highland is another gifting favourite of the Jorum team. A romantic salted rose with coastline freshness and hints of spice.

11. Us & Our Planet: This is How We Live by Maisie Skidmore, Mohamad Abdouni, IKEA, Phaidon Press 
Wonderfully designed, this book takes a close look at ordinary and extraordinary lives to explore how we can all live more sustainably.

12. Arc Pattern Jigsaw Puzzle by The Design Museum
Nothing like a good puzzle! This one from the Design Museum ticks our aesthetic boxes.


Still from Wong Kar-wai's film 2046 showing a woman with dark bouffant hairstyle and a retro futurist style dress looking offscreen and carrying a tray of drinks

Festive Films

A break from the books: here are our top five festive films to cosy up with. 

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)
A wonderfully heartwarming animated film from Satoshi Kon of Paprika and Perfect Blue fame, this is a festive must-watch for us.

2046 (2004) 
Directed by none other than Wong Kar-wai, this film is stunningly moody and filled with holiday melancholy.

Black Christmas (1974)
To get the horror-lovers through the holidays!

The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992) + A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit (1989)
Terrestrial TV in Scotland loves to show stop-motion and puppet animation classics over the festive season, and we very much aren't complaining.


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