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Capturing travel memories in scent: A How-to guide

Amsterdam canal street shop front with roses growing and plant pots

A bloom-laden shopfront on one of Amsterdam's lush canalside streets.

There's nothing quite like fragrance – or scent, in the broader sense – for its ability to bring back memories of places, people and times in our lives. And there's no more romantic and creative way to capture memories of travel than to hunt down local independent perfumers. After all, they spend their days immersed in the scents of their surroundings!

As a Scottish perfume house led by a Scottish perfumer, Jorum Studio sees many a visitor looking to capture their memories of Scotland. So if you're looking to immortalise those summer travels in scent, here are our tips before you visit:

Marrakech powder pigments in vibrant colours stored in little clay dishes

Vibrant powder pigments sold in Marrakech's souks.

1. Smell your surroundings 

Whether you're exploring unfamiliar rugged landscapes, bustling squares, pristine beaches or quaint side streets, take the time to notice any particular scents – to smell the flowers, as it were! It's easy to overlook the scent of a place, but once you start noticing, the floodgates will open and you'll be noticing scents everywhere you go. Now you can start collecting inspiration for your perfect scent.


Amsterdam flower market selling colourful tulips

One of Amsterdam's many flower markets – some huge, some more modest, all an explosion of colour and scent.

Le Jardin Majorelle bright blue pond with lotus leaves

Le Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech – a sensory delight.  

2. Ask questions

When you visit any perfumer, don't be afraid to ask questions and talk about your travels. At our boutique shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, we're always delighted to hear about customers' travels and to help them find the perfect travel scent to capture their memories. (It helps that our 30ml perfume bottles fit in your hand luggage too!).


3. Be open to the unexpected

Your scent choice doesn't have to lean in to the stereotypes – a perfume to capture Scotland doesn't have to smell like whisky or thistles! There's absolutely nothing wrong with these scents, but don't let preconceived notions close you off from finding the perfect unique Scottish perfume. How about gorse and pineapple weed, or sandalwood and olive, or honeysuckle and oysterplant?  

Every Jorum Studio fragrance bears the fingerprints of our in-house master perfumer Euan McCall, who grew up in rural Scotland. So, even Jorum Studio fragrances inspired by tropical rainforests or French dressing tables are rooted in a certain 'Scottishness'. To us at Jorum, that comes from embracing the unexpected, the contradictory, the complex and the weird!

Buchaille Etive Mor Glencoe photograph of landscape with rocks and mountain in background

Wandering the Highlands near Buachaille Etive Mòr, Glencoe (the place reference for Rose Highland Extrait de Parfum).

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