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It has been a fantastic first (half) year for Jorum Studio. It’s been non-stop, and we’ve loved every second! Here’s some of our highlights:

Our first collection

We launched in the summer with our first six fragrances: Arborist, Medullary-ray, Carduus, Trimerous, Phloem and Nectary; all part of the Progressive Botany Vol. I collection.

Euan and I wanted to present a collection of perfumes that felt complete, something for everyone; from the daring perfume voyagers to the more reserved fragrance dressers. The notion of creating a collection of perfumes in this way means that inherently there is an assumption about what certain “types” of people will like, and what they won’t. What we have found is that you can basically throw those assumptions out of the window!

We always thought that Carduus, with its polarising “Scottishness” would be a bit of a black sheep, but we felt that it was a necessary element in the collection, especially for our first collection, to assert the identity of Jorum Studio as a modern Scottish brand. But it seems that those feelings of nostalgia extend far beyond the boundaries of Scotland and have connected us with people all around the globe. We see Carduus as our battle cry and are thrilled to have received the response we have for one of our favourite scents!

Wild Flowers

Approaching Juli Bolaños-Durman back in spring 2019 was one of the top things on our agenda for Jorum Studio. Having experienced her pieces at the Edinburgh Collage of Art graduate show back in 2013 we always knew we wanted to work with her in some way, and Jorum Studio seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Using the Progressive Botany Vol. I collection as the jumping-off point (Juli was actually one of the first people to try the collection, which was a big moment for us!) we commissioned Juli to create a piece of glass sculpture which would tie the world of perfumery, sculpture, our ‘progressive’ vision and Juli’s viewpoint together to create a new work. What developed was not just one piece, but 21 beautifully crafted interpretations of flora (and some fauna) endemic to both Scotland as well as Juli’s exotic home of Costa Rica. We were overjoyed to release the new collection: Wild Flowers.

The glass crop was showcased at the prestigious Make Hauser & Wirth gallery in Somerset as part of their ‘Re.Use, Re.Think, Re.Imagine’ exhibition for 3 months before returning home to root in Edinburgh.

Wild Flowers Collection in collaboration with Juli Bolaños-Durman. Photo by Shannon Tofts

Festival Pop-up

We had the privilege of hosting our first month-long pop-up in the historic Jenners Edinburgh. They were kind enough to give us our own space, which felt like our own little shop.

Not only did this give us a chance to meet our lovely customers face-to-face, but also to work with other truly exciting and creative brands. Special mentions should be made to: Solas Neon for their joyous lightscapes; Sweetdram and Bon Accord for keeping the festival goers suitably hydrated; Grow Urban for supplying some planted home comforts; Adam Foy and Boom Saloon for the pleasing reading; and Pyrus Botanicals for their enchanting botanical installation (and loan of what can only be described as a grove of palm trees!).

To share a space with new and established brands alike, and to be able to engage with people – both customers and just curious browsers - was a sincerely nourishing and energizing experience.

We headed back to Jenners in October for a 3-month stint, this time in the beauty hall alongside the biggest names in fragrance and cosmetics. A completely different experience but equally as fun!


Midsummer saw us launch a second collection: Psychoterratica, initially focusing on the use of Tree Moss Absolute. We used one raw material as a starting point not only for the creation of three wildly different perfumes (showcasing how robust aromatic materials really can be) but also as a conversation starter…

Unbeknownst to those at the time, we also presented this collection with the purpose of gaining feedback from those who experienced the Psychoterratica perfumes. Creating perfumes that our customers have influence on is a key part of the Jorum ethos, but not an element that can be incorporated in a first collection (when no one knows who you are!) so we were itching to get this project underway.

Taking on board your comments, we re-released the three Psychoterratica perfumes at the end of 2019 in a limited quantity. The decision was unanimous – these three formulas will form the complete collection, which we plan for general release later this year. There were cries for the original three formulas to be launched also… but let’s see!

Critical recognition

Euan hates to talk about critical acclaim, so it’s handy that I’m writing this instead of him!

What an honour it was to have Nectary and Carduus awarded as part of the ‘Best Perfumes of 2019’ by ÇaFleureBon Editor in Chief Michelyn Camen and Senior and Natural Perfumery Editor Ida Meister, with both Michelyn and Ida naming Euan their individual Rising Star of 2019 awards for both his work through Jorum Studio as well as his creations for other brands.

Euan has been working as an independent perfumer for the past 10 years, in an industry that is pretty much dominated by big fragrance houses. I’ve seen first-hand how much passion and dedication goes into creating Euan’s distinctive scents so it’s an absolute joy to see him receive recognition - especially when I know he’s got so many more olfactory tricks up his sleeve!

Award-winning fragrances from Jorum Studio


As we head into a new year Euan and I want to thank all of you for the support and encouragement you have given us over the past months. We’re so excited to see what 2020 has in store of Jorum, and you’re every much a part of that journey.

Cheers to a new decade!

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