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Introducing PONY BOY Extrait de Parfum, the fifth addition to our Scottish Odyssey fragrance collection.

The kelpie haunts a lochside sauna, hissing out a steamed-wood and pink-edged sour lotus haze.’

PONY BOY smells pink and green. A sour, fruity-floral-verdant Extrait de Parfum with fresh, aquatic hot-steam elements.

PONY BOY is an alternate story of the kelpie: a shape-shifting folkloric figure said to inhabit lochs and other bodies of water in Scottish folklore. Kelpies are traditionally male, yet historically they are most often represented as the stereotypical female ‘temptress’ in visual art. PONY BOY celebrates temptation in all its forms through the subversion of expectations: the kelpie, gentle, misunderstood, perpetual outsider and tired of his loch-bound existence, visits a local sauna and erupts a rhubarb-tinged cloud of steamy bliss primed to hypnotise passersby.

There’s modern-day inspiration too: Andy Scott’s 30-metre-high sculptures ‘The Kelpies’ best seen on night drives along the M9 Motorway, their unexpected and magical presence looming over grey concrete and asphalt epitomises the juxtaposition at the heart of PONY BOY.

To celebrate the launch of PONY BOY, we commissioned a series of portraits of Edinburgh-based artist Billy Got Waves, who also features in our upcoming JORUM CONTEMPORARIES winter campaign, representing the entire Scottish Odyssey collection. In these images, Billy stands before Andy Scott's enormous sculptural work 'The Kelpies', which can be seen as a looming ghostly duo in the background.

Listen to Billy Got Waves latest EP 'Rocket Boy 2/3' here.

​Images shot by Craig McIntosh.

Billy Got Waves for Pony Boy by Jorum Studio

Billy Got Waves for Pony Boy by Jorum Studio
Billy Got Waves for Pony Boy by Jorum Studio
Billy Got Waves for Pony Boy by Jorum Studio

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