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For a scent that exudes understated luxury

Jorum Studio Quiet Luxury


It's easy to understand the appeal of 'quiet luxury'. The term, made viral thanks in no small part to the understated, elegant styling on HBO's Succession, refers to the prioritisation of quality, craftsmanship and timelessness over trends or overt flaunting of wealth through designer labels. It's slow and considered consumption over fast fashion and mass marketing.

But how can we apply that same philosophy to perfume? How can we, if we so desire, choose a scent that exudes quiet luxury?


Go niche

Exploring niche fragrance is a great way to exude a sense of quiet luxury. Rather than big brand names or trending celebrity scents, choosing a unique perfume from an independent perfumer demonstrates an appreciation of quality and craftsmanship and exudes understated luxury. With most niche fragrances, you know you're paying for quality fragrance materials rather than a brand name. Niche perfumes also tend to make use of rare or expensive ingredients of the highest calibre, which ensures performance and longevity. Choose a scent that has year-round appeal, rather than following trends.

Jorum Studio Quiet Luxury Perfumes including Trimerous Elegy Athenaeum Rose Highland

Our picks:

Trimerous Eau de Parfum our bestselling floral perfume is beautifully balanced orris with light florals and warm woods.

Orris materials are some of the most prized and costly products available to the perfumer. The full processing of the Iris rhizome is lengthy, demanding and requires the harvester and distiller to possess great skill, intuition and fairly esoteric knowledge. It’s the kind of work that is passed down through generations.

Elegy Extrait de Parfum  our Neo-Chypre, a contemporary take on classic French perfumery, exudes quality and elegance.

Elegy contains notes of jasmine, rose, orange blossom, petitgrain, oud, ambergris... All highly prized and noble perfume materials which have timeless appeal.

Athenaeum Eau de Parfum – our Scottish master perfumer's most-worn fragrance, Athenaeum is understated, woody and herbal with clean, bright neroli and soft Scottish lavender.

Athenaeum is the first master-crafted perfume to make use of Scottish-grown, harvested and distilled biodynamic perfume materials – specifically Scottish lavender, making it totally unique.

Rose Highland Extrait de Parfum – a rose for those who dislike rose fragrances, a new take on an enduring classic that never goes out of style.

Rose Highland has an airy, alpine, mineral quality with notes of vetiver, clove and sweet basil, making it as timeless as the Scottish landscapes and culture that inspired it. 


Go bespoke 

For those looking for the ultimate in quiet luxury and slow fashion, there is the option of a bespoke fragrance that's exclusive, one-of-a-kind and tailored to your preferences by a master perfumer. At Jorum Studio we offer two bespoke services to suit different needs: Immersive Bespoke and Entry Bespoke. Both offer a fully unique craftsmanship experience.

Jorum Studio Bespoke Fragrance

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