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Abundant florals abound: But which is your perfect #bloomcore scent?

When trying to find your perfect scent from our collection of unique Scottish fragrance, there's something beautifully indulgent about leaning into a fully floral embrace. Our bestselling floral perfumes put a contemporary spin on classics like rose, iris (orris) and jasmine, while also featuring lesser-known niche fragrance blooms like gorse and pink lotus.

Discover which of our bestselling floral fragrances is your perfect partner:


For the wild and untamed ones

Do you have a dangerous side? 

Are you deeply romantic but staunchly independent?

Do you thrive on warm sultry evenings?

You should try our dark, romantic peach, cranberry, rose and oud fragrance...

Nectary Eau de Parfum

Jorum Studio Nectary Rose Oud Perfume


For the soft-hearted and complex ones

Do you believe that less is often more?

Are you quietly observant?

Do you adore soft fabrics like cashmere and silk, and appreciate #quietluxury?

You should try our bestselling light, buttery-soft orris and juniper perfume...

Trimerous Eau de Parfum

Jorum Studio Trimerous Iris Orris Perfume


For the mysterious ones who shine brightest at night

Do you live for neon-lit nightlife?

Are you a sharp-witted social butterfly?

Do you enjoy defying norms?

You should try our tart, fresh rhubarb, pink lotus and steamy cedarwood perfume...

Pony Boy Extrait de Parfum

Jorum Studio Pony Boy Rhubarb Lotus Perfume

For the ones who embody sunshine and warmth

Are you lighthearted and carefree?

Is a picnic in a flower field your idea of heaven?

Do you have a mischievous side?

You should try our bestselling gorse, chamomile, crab apple and kush perfume...

Gorseland Extrait de Parfum

Jorum Studio Gorseland Gorse Yellow Perfume


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